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  • Congratulations, Lance.

    24 hundredths of a second under your goal time – not bad for your first marathon! Hey, he did say he wanted to finish it in less than three hours… For every million human beings, there is one naturally gifted athlete. For every million athletes, there is one Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, or Tiger Woods. […]

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  • 5 Strategies for Stronger Bones

    1) Strength Train. This is your trump card against osteoporosis, not Fosamax or Boniva or any one of the myriad number of bone strength medications that are out on the market. Studies consistently show that strength training not only maintains levels of bone mineral density, but it is the only non-prescription way to increase bone […]

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  • Cola and Women = Osteoporosis.

    I’ve been trying. Really, I have. If you ascribe to Peter Lynch’s theory that says you should buy shares in companies that you are familiar with or whose products you endorse, then my wife and her family should own massive shares of stock in Coca-Cola. Although they’ve made great progress since the pre-Eugene years, they […]

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  • Steve Maxwell is Awesome.

    I met Steve Maxwell this past weekend; great guy. He and his wife DC run a fitness studio/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Philly called Maxercise. Although Steve has moved away from using Superslow as his exercise protocol of choice, I found out he and I share the common professional bond of highly recommending low-carbohydrate diets as […]

  • Fat Loss
  • 12 Ways to Turbo-Charge Fat Loss.

    1. Drink more water. Although a recent study suggested that drinking the standard “8 glasses” or 64 oz of water touted by experts is not necessary for health, forget about it. We’re dealing purely with fat loss; moreover, ways to maximize it. In my experience (and in the collective experience of other fitness professionals), I’ve […]

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  • Americans Get Fatter – Yet Again.

    What fitness professional hasn’t by now seen the 8/29/06 story by Associated Press about America’s mounting obesity problem? Let’s bring everyone up to date, just in case: U.S. Waistlines Continue to Grow. Several interesting points can be gleaned from a quick perusal of the article: 1.) That obesity continues to rise at a greater rate […]

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  • Have I Been Using a WBV "Machine" All Along???

    Being that August is drawing to a close, naturally Sairalyn and I start thinking about snowboarding – what else? That we received our ’06-’07 season passes in the mail last week may have played no small role in that. Although she bought a new board last season (the K2 Luna 146), my lovely wife is […]

  • The Mental Game
  • Does Your Personal Trainer Look the Part?

    I have had my share of clients express reservations about working with me for many different reasons over the years: I’m too strict/not strict enough I put too much/too little emphasis on proper nutrition and diet I’m too mean/not mean enough I’m Asian I look like I’m 16 I’m too “Zen” for a real, hardcore […]