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  • Happy New Year Everyone.

    Happy New Year to all! Hope your ’06 was up to snuff and that you’ve all got ambitious plans and/or resolutions for ’07.

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  • A Woman Not Quite Doing One Arm Pullups.

    Found an interesting video of a fitness model doing some half-assed one-handed chinups. While they’re not quite one arm chinups (nor are they really complete chinups either), it is impressive to see a woman who can actually come close to the upper body strength of a Lillian Leitzel (who was alleged to be able to […]

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  • Diabetes No More?

    In likely the most exciting health news of the year, it appears that there is hope for diabetes sufferers (from Canada, no less). Read about it here: Diabetes breakthrough. For a long time, it was thought that type 1 diabetes was a completely different animal than type 2, for the sheer reason that type 2 […]

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  • It Must Be Something In The Water.

    Above: Maybe Nikita was right; there really is something to this Russian water embued with “human essence.” This Russian grandmother the next Donald Dinnie or Steve Jeck? Not really – read the whole story here. Just thought the pic would inspire you to head out to the gym and lift away with wild abandon (and […]

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  • More Reasons Not To Do Cardio.

    I previously detailed that cardio makes you hungrier, causing you to eat more calories and to have an overall net calorie gain. Let’s go through some more reasons why doing cardio (aerobics) for fat loss may not be the best approach: 1) It burns fewer calories than you think. So you got on the elliptical […]

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  • Another Reason NOT To Do Cardio For Fat Loss.

    Another satisifying day on the slopes over. Ah, I do love snowboarding season. My friends and I took on a day’s worth of reasonably good East coast snowboarding over at Killington today. Yes, we suffered through the crowds. Yes, we suffered through the bitter winds and hardpack “snow.” And yes, we had a blast doing […]

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  • Say Goodbye to Trans Fat, NYC.

    This past week New York City became the first municipality to pass a ban on the use of trans fats in its restaurants. Restaurants around the city face serious consequences if they are found using oils that contains trans fatty acids (i.e., hydrogenated oils). Philosophical musings about free will and politics aside, this action will […]

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  • Preseason Jitters and Motor Learning.

    Hello from Vermont. I’m sitting on a bed in the middle of Mendon, Vermont, waiting for the morning, when I test out my snow legs and my (slightly impaired) right knee on Killington’s slopes for the first time this season. The first ride is always predictably terrible – all the old motor patterns take a […]

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  • What Lab Mice Can Tell Us – Resveratrol.

    Yikes, I’m soooo behind on these postings… So in case you haven’t heard, red wine (or, more accurately, a compound in grapes called resveratrol) will help you live a longer, active life, especially if you’re fat. Here’s the article: Compund in Red Wine Boosts Health of Obese Mice. Here are a few things about the […]