If You Ever Forget What This Blog is About.

you don’t need another exercise book.  You already know that you’re not eating right; in fact, you know exactly what you’re eating that’s keeping you overfat.  Given five minutes and a pen and a sheet of paper, you can probably catalog all the behaviors that are keeping you from achieving the body you want, or that are slowly eroding your health and stealing precious moments of your life away from you and your family.

What you need isn’t another program to follow; you already know what you’re supposed to be doing.  What you need is to actually do it.  Over and over.  Day after day, week after week, until you reach your goals.  And beyond.

It’s tough out there on your own.  That’s why the biggest reason most people retain a personal trainer is accountability – and that you’ve got someone else watching your back, motivating you and encouraging you to push on, no matter what challenges you face.

That’s what I try to do with my blog, post after post.  I try to keep you interested and motivated in your physical hygiene.  I give you little tips to help you actually do what it is you’re supposed to be doing (like my simple hack for drinking more water – see page XXX).  I outline mental strategies to help trick yourself into following through when you don’t really want to (page XXX) – something that most diet books either gloss over or skip entirely (“You mean, a person might be slightly resistant to completely changing all of their lifestyle habits all at once?  Inconceivable!”).  I explain the physiology behind the recommendation to eat frequent smaller meals (page XXX), in hopes that you’ll be more inclined to execute because you know the why.  And maybe – just maybe – that’ll be enough to help you reach your goals: appearance-wise, health-wise, and otherwise.

That’s what this book is.  It’s a collection of my best blog posts, collated and designed to give you that extra little push, just when you need it.  It’s my voice inside your head telling you to put that box of Fiddle Faddle down and to do that last rep.

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