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  • "Conditioning is Your Best Hold."

    Above: Sure hope you did enough pre-season conditioning and skillwork. In Japan, he was known as the God of Pro Wrestling – Karl Gotch. There’s something to be said for an old man (I think he’s in his eighties now) who (indirectly) is responsible for the return to bodyweight-based training that’s so popular among trainers, […]

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  • Steve Maxwell is Awesome.

    I met Steve Maxwell this past weekend; great guy. He and his wife DC run a fitness studio/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Philly called Maxercise. Although Steve has moved away from using Superslow as his exercise protocol of choice, I found out he and I share the common professional bond of highly recommending low-carbohydrate diets as […]

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  • USA Sweeps Olympic Halfpipe. Almost.

    One of the great things about being stuck in a remote place (in my case, Danby, VT) with nowhere to go is that you can get a lot of TV watching done. That the Olympics have been on is a plus. That men’s and women’s snowboarding halfpipe was one of the featured events during my […]

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  • Hyponatremia: Swimming in a Saltless Sea.

    As one can imagine, Nov. 6th being just around the corner, runners everywhere are putting the finishing touches on their pre-marathon conditioning (that is, if they haven’t injured themselves in the process). Those who’ve been lucky, determined, or smart enough to survive this far have yet another obstacle to overcome, albeit on race day. H […]