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  • Exercise is a Stressor, or Don’t Work Out When You’re Sick.

    Had to take the day off today, because I’m sick. Whilst staying home in wonderment of my body’s inability to respond to my CNS commands, I thought to myself that over the weekend I had repeatedly broken one of the Cardinal Rules of Strength Training. Namely, “Don’t Work Out When You’re Sick.” The reason, of […]

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  • DOMS.

    Day 7 of my return to Brazilian JiuJitsu training, and it appears that the effect of DOMS lingers on. I suppose it will subside soon enough. DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Just fancy physiologist talk for that unrelenting muscle ache one gets approximately 48-72 hours post-exercise. No one’s been able to pinpoint what exactly […]