• Program Design
  • Is It Helping You Or Hurting You?

    Look at your workouts using a Cost:Benefit ratio: Is what you’re doing helping you achieve your goals, or impairing your ability to ever get there? Let’s say you walked up to me and told me, “Eugene, I want to run the marathon and be the fittest, healthiest 35 year old on the planet.” I would […]

  • Fat Loss
  • How Long Until I See Results?

    Probably one of the top 10 questions I get asked by new clients is, “How long will it take before I start to see some results?” Well, the answer to that question is a tough one, because a great deal of it relies on the client. It depends on: How motivated you are to create […]

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  • Fundamentals.

    Tonight in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, I had the distinction of working with a complete newbie – not only had this guy never done Jiu Jitsu before, he had never even set foot in a martial arts class ever (he was a former wrestler, however). Faced with the prospect of having a complete novice as […]