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  • On Food Journaling.

    Just recently my friend Matt was kind enough to share his food journal with me (he’s been chronicling his intake off and on for years, as he has severe digestive problems). It struck me that in the time I’ve known him it was the third food journal I’ve known him to keep. Matt needs to […]

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  • A Must Read.

    Don’t ask me how I got to this link, just click on it and read it: The Cure For Diabetes. If you really want to know, it was only 3 clicks away from my original search. Man, it’s really easy to get sidetracked on the Internet!

  • Fat Loss
  • Who Wins the JAMA Fight? Atkins (of course).

    I previously posted a quote from Alywn Cosgrove – “If you’re looking to lose fat and you’re not eating a low-carbohydrate diet, you’re a fucking idiot.” – which on the surface, looks like a fairly controversial, lunatic fringe comment. After all, doesn’t every health and medical professional “know” that low-carb diets (a la Atkins) may […]

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  • Diabetes No More?

    In likely the most exciting health news of the year, it appears that there is hope for diabetes sufferers (from Canada, no less). Read about it here: Diabetes breakthrough. For a long time, it was thought that type 1 diabetes was a completely different animal than type 2, for the sheer reason that type 2 […]

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  • Say Goodbye to Trans Fat, NYC.

    This past week New York City became the first municipality to pass a ban on the use of trans fats in its restaurants. Restaurants around the city face serious consequences if they are found using oils that contains trans fatty acids (i.e., hydrogenated oils). Philosophical musings about free will and politics aside, this action will […]

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  • Cola and Women = Osteoporosis.

    I’ve been trying. Really, I have. If you ascribe to Peter Lynch’s theory that says you should buy shares in companies that you are familiar with or whose products you endorse, then my wife and her family should own massive shares of stock in Coca-Cola. Although they’ve made great progress since the pre-Eugene years, they […]

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  • Steve Maxwell is Awesome.

    I met Steve Maxwell this past weekend; great guy. He and his wife DC run a fitness studio/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Philly called Maxercise. Although Steve has moved away from using Superslow as his exercise protocol of choice, I found out he and I share the common professional bond of highly recommending low-carbohydrate diets as […]

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  • BTW, Turkey Does NOT Make You Sleepy.

    First things first – Happy Thanksgiving. Second things second – one of my favorite nutrition myths seems to rear its head about this time every year: “Everyone’s going to eat too much turkey at dinner tonight and get sleepy.” The tryptophan in the turkey meat is usually blamed for the bout of sleepyness, as it […]