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  • Just ONE More Rep.

    We know that training can be uncomfortable. We know “the burn” hurts like hell and makes us want to quit. We also know that a high degree of effort is required to reap the maximal benefit from any exercise modality we choose; this is especially true for strength training. But how do we do it? […]

  • Muscle and Strength Gain
  • Steve Maxwell is Awesome.

    I met Steve Maxwell this past weekend; great guy. He and his wife DC run a fitness studio/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Philly called Maxercise. Although Steve has moved away from using Superslow as his exercise protocol of choice, I found out he and I share the common professional bond of highly recommending low-carbohydrate diets as […]

  • Muscle and Strength Gain
  • Babies = Barbells.

    Now, at some point, if you’ve reared a child or two, you must have wondered about the health benefits of toting your baby around. If you were so inclined, you may even have thought to yourself, “Well, I’m certainly strengthening my arms carrying this baby of mine around!” But I’m fairly certain you’d never made […]

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  • The Transformation of Takeru Kobayashi.

    Takeru Kobayashi is a competitive eater. Correction: he is THE competitive eater, the top dog, the one everyone is out to beat. He is the current holder of the world record in the sport’s most illustrious event, the hot dog eating contest, in which he has remained undefeated for 5 years straight. But that’s not […]

  • Muscle and Strength Gain
  • James Richard Christie – Master Trainer.

    As of yesterday, Mr. James Richard Christie is likely enjoying the fruits of America’s most ostentatious city – Las Vegas. At least in the evenings, when he is free. You see, he’s attending the National NSCA Conference, listening to lectures, networking, and probably making some under-the-table deals franchising his super-secret workout system. By day, estudious […]

  • Muscle and Strength Gain
  • Ultimate Muscle Size Potential.

    I recently picked up a copy of the new John Little book – “High-Intensity Training: The Mike Mentzer Way” – and wholeheartedly suggest it to any Mentzer fans looking to add a tome to their collections (Bill?). At the beginning of the second chapter (aptly titled: “Individual Potential”), there is a picture of a young […]