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  • Trick Photography 101 (or What a Difference a Day or Three Makes – Part 2)

    Still not convinced that comparison photography is outright deception? Here’s some lighting tricks that make you look good (or bad). Take your before photos in flat light. Take your after ones in downward shining light so as to bring out muscle contour. Make sure your subject is completely relaxed in the before photos, and have […]

  • Fat Loss
  • What a Difference a Day (or Three) Makes.

    One of the trickiest things as a fitness professional is testimonials, and there is no better testimonial than comparision photography. After all, who can deny the effectiveness of a program or regimen after quite literally “seeing” the proof? Well, a whole lot of people, actually. Because of the number of tricks that can be used […]

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  • Tire Flipping Regains Prominence as Exercise Modality.

    Ever since I got my CSCS, I’ve been much more tolerant of so-called “functional training”. Being a HIT/SS guy, I have to admit that there is utility in functional/sports-specific training, but the vast majority of it remains, in my eyes, a complete waste of time (I’ll touch upon this some more in later posts, since […]