Win easy.

photo credit: zygimantasmarkevicius

Whatever your goals are, whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, improving performance, or getting healthy, don’t trip yourself up. Make the game easy. You don’t get bonus points for overcoming additional problems you create for yourself.

Creating obstacles to your success can take many forms. Sometimes it looks like overthinking. Other times, it’s creating rules that are unwinnable. For example, a dieter could choose to employ willpower 24/7 by keeping that bag of stroopwafels around the house, but why make things more difficult than they have to be? Why put challenges in your path?

You don’t get bonus points for making it harder for yourself.  No one’s going to pat you on the head and be impressed with the extra effort you had to exert to win.

If they’re the right ones, just getting to your goals will be hard enough without you sabotaging your progress.  There’s plenty of opportunity to develop grit, fortitude, and character along the way.

Give yourself every unfair advantage possible.

image credit: zygimantasmarkevicius

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