The difference a month (or three) can make.

Taking it one step at a time.

Yesterday, during a consult with a brand spanking new client, I was asked, “Do you think (three months) is enough time?”

Following a sound nutrition plan, the average client can likely achieve 12 pounds of fat loss in three months. That’s enough to cause a major physical transformation. Down a dress size, one less notch on the belt, comfortably.

My girlfriend Tanya just launched a successful ecommerce business (Bulletproof Ballerina) in less than 60 days, and what’s remarkable is that two months ago, she had no products, no traffic; heck, she didn’t even know what a web host was. But she learned, one day at a time. Yesterday, she received orders for her program while we slept.

If you practice a skill daily, in three months’ time you’ll have gotten in roughly 90 consecutive repetitions leading to that skill becoming habit. Research shows that it’ll likely be around day 66 when your practice becomes actual “habit”. Luckily, research also shows that perfect practice isn’t necessary. If you miss a day, it won’t affect habit formation, so long as you jump right back on the bandwagon. When was the last time you practiced something 90 days in a row? How about 30? How about 7? How much more – anything – would you have in your life if you had?

We underestimate what we can improve or learn all the time. We underestimate what humble but consistent progress can produce over time. We underestimate the power of starting small, and of habit. And oftentimes we use that as an excuse to delay starting, sometimes forever.

Is three months enough time to really make a difference?

Yes. YES. For heaven’s sake, yes!!!

“It is.  Shall we get started right away?”

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