The Fast Way To Results.

What’s more important in terms of getting results from your workout program, technique or intensity?

In other words, what matters more, working as hard as possible or performing the exercises as perfectly as possible?

If you ask 100 trainers and/or exercise enthusiasts, I have no doubt in my mind they would answer that intensity is the better of the two to cultivate. It’s better to work hard with loose form than to work at a lower intensity with perfect form.

– BUT-
You can’t train if you’re hurt. And you can’t make optimal gains without consistency. Ask any strength coach worth his salt – What’s the biggest challenge facing you in working with your respective sports team? – and I guarantee he will say:”Keeping all my players healthy and off the injured list.”

Not “improving my players’ bench press totals.” Not “increasing my players’ vertical jumps”, or “decreasing my team’s overall 40 times.” It’s a simple fact that consistently applied hard work brings results, and hard work is not possible with an injury.

Work hard, but work smart too. Look, I understand that in a real-world situation with a live weight, your form will never look perfect. That doesn’t give one license to encourage loose form, however. Keeping form strict minimizes chance of injury.

The latest in my litany of maladies may be a slight concussion (the CT scan is scheduled for next Monday), thereby precluding my ability to play jiujitsu at full “intensity” – it simply wouldn’t do for me to get dropped on my head again. However by performing techniques against a willing partner, utilizing perfect form and control, I can continue to make progress. Although it’s a different situation, the same theory applies.

Focus on perfecting form first. Then drop your training partner on his head.

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