Just ONE More Rep.

We know that training can be uncomfortable. We know “the burn” hurts like hell and makes us want to quit.

We also know that a high degree of effort is required to reap the maximal benefit from any exercise modality we choose; this is especially true for strength training. But how do we do it? How do we keep up the motivation and desire to perform that one additional rep that will make all the difference? How do we combat in our minds the raging inferno in our myofibrils that causes our dreams of a 6-pack to dissolve into the stratosphere and makes our only earthly desire to set (throw) the weights down in a fit of desperation?

Let us heed an old war bird’s advice and stare our enemy down, right in the face. Above: The daunting visage of 2-hydroxypropanoic acid, AKA lactic acid.

That’s all it is. Doesn’t look quite so fearsome, does he? This molecule is what you’re up against every time the burning starts.

You can handle it, can’t you?

Ok then, one more rep!

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