Pat Robertson Leg Presses 2000 lbs (Sort of).

When the New York Times reported that GNC stopped selling Pat Robertson’s protein shake, I thought to myself,

“Pat Robertson has a protein shake?”

So let’s do some fact-checking on the article:

1) Here’s a link to the YouTube video referenced in the article:

Pat Robertson Leg Pressing 1000 lbs.

Those “leg presses” are atrocious. He didn’t even put the safety stops down. Those are like, quarter presses. And he’s using his hands.

2) The world leg press record of 1335 lbs.

So it’s claimed that Dan Kendra of Florida State supposedly set this record of 1335 lbs in the leg press. Well, I’m fairly certain that the actual record, if there is one for the leg press, is much higher than that. How can I be so sure?

Just a hunch.
(With me on top, it makes 1120, not counting the weight of the sled. And McGregor, who is not huge, repped it twice while cursing out the cameraman.)

But seriously, if Paul Anderson can squat 1260 lbs, then can there be any doubt that a big, strong guy on a 45 degree leg press sled can move more than 1335 lbs?

Secondly, if that’s the form he’s using, there’s no way Pat Robertson’s even budging 2000 lbs.

3) In case you wanted to know what’s actually in Pat’s Shake: Ingredients.

Just your usual, run-of-the-mill, cheapo protein shake. Bleah.

To summarize?


Leg Press. (But you don’t have to carry on like Ronnie does, believe me.)

Hell, do Pistols if that’s what floats your boat.

But for goodness sakes, use correct form and a full range of motion! And steer clear of evangelicals that tell you otherwise.

And tell Ronnie Coleman to slow down his negatives a little.

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