Ok, I’m Back. Happy New Year.

For those in the know, I apologize in advance, as this post will be a reiteration of what you already know.

Anyone interested in what happened during my holidays? I crashed – big time. Too much work and too little sleep creates a perfect breeding ground for autoimmune disease, apparently. Well, things were not too bad for me for awhile – I’ve never gotten much sleep, ever since I was a child, and in my adult life, certainly not more than 5 hours a night (on average – I do catch up on Sunday). However, I pushed myself a little too hard one day snowboarding, and the stress of my activities caught up to me within two weeks. I found myself unable to sleep at all at night, and unable to move after physical activity. I was sore and achy, especially in my joints, all the time. I was irritable and making poor judgment calls (“Sure, I’ll train 15 appointments on no sleep again today!”). Eventually, my better half (and long-suffering wife) prevailed upon me; upon learning that I spent one evening puking in the streets (for no particular reason) while waiting for her to get out of work, and enduring my nightly fevers, Sairalyn wrote up a contract for me to take time off (2 weeks) during which I was to do nothing work-related.

Which I promptly signed, and broke a mere 3 days later. But in minor ways: work around the house, emails, and most importantly, SNOWBOARDING. And I slept a little, too.

So I was on a sabbatical, of sorts. And now I’m back, better rested, well-adjusted after 8 straight days of vigorous snowboarding. And some sleep.

I usually don’t make New Years’ resolutions, but I was… *ahem* …coerced… into resolving to strive for balance and harmony in my life this year. So that’s what I’m aiming for.

At any rate, I’ll just pick up here where I left off in November.

Watch out now, 2006 promises to be the year of balance in all things.

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