How to Perform a Frontside 360, on a Snowboard.

(Instructions described from Goofy-foot stance. Reverse for Normal)

1.) Begin taking off towards your intended hit/jump. Ride flat-based to pick up some speed.

2.) Initiate a set-up carve: for frontside spins, edge ever so slightly towards your toe-edge so that you begin to carve toe-side. You want to have the smallest deviation from straight possible.

3.) Initiate the pre-spin: begin to wind up opposite the direction you wish to spin, i.e., slightly twist your upper body away from your intended spinning direction.

4.) Spot the end of the jump/hit. It won’t be long now.

5.) Using the momentum from the set-up carve, begin to carve ever so slightly heelside. This should cause your board to begin turning frontside.

6.) Launch off the edge of the jump, unwinding your upper body. You should already be spinning frontside.

7.) Turn your head in the direction you wish to spin (in this case, frontside), looking down slightly.

8.) At about 270 degrees, spot your landing by looking at the point you wish to land.

9.) Finish unwinding your lower body so that your board is pointing straight down the mountain.

10.) Land flat-based, bending your knees slightly to absorb the shock of landing, and “ride away stoked.”

Two comments here:

– Frontside 3s are blind tricks, meaning that you land with your head facing backwards (or away from the direction you’ll be traveling). This must be done in order to prevent over-rotation (your board’s tendency to keep spinning after making contact with the snow. It will happen if you try to keep your head forwards on a frontside 3 – just take my word for it). So it’s a little trickier than backside 3s. So don’t turn your head until you feel solid after the landing.

– When unwinding into the spin, let the board initiate the turn, following through with your shoulders and torso afterwards. It’s only a 360, after all – not like we’re throwing down 1080s or anything.

Have fun. And try to land on your feet. I know I did.

Above: It looks worse than it really is. The bandage is the best part.
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