Have I Been Using a WBV "Machine" All Along???

Being that August is drawing to a close, naturally Sairalyn and I start thinking about snowboarding – what else?

That we received our ’06-’07 season passes in the mail last week may have played no small role in that.

Although she bought a new board last season (the K2 Luna 146), my lovely wife is pining for the brand-spanking new, never-before released K2 Dutchess 144. The Dutchess is K2’s newest high-end board (previously their Mix line, of which Sairalyn has an ’02-’03 148 model).

The special feature of the Dutchess is the S-Class technology it is imbued with. You can read about it here:

In brief, the snowboard vibrates when you ride fast over rough terrain. The S-Class technology cuts down on these vibrations, reducing leg fatigue and letting you ride longer.

When Sairalyn told me about it, I immediately thought, “Egads! I’ve been riding a Whole Body Vibration machine for the last 6 years!”

Of course, if I hadn’t been feeding my legs a steady diet of squats, deadlifts, and Superslow leg presses and leg curls, I might have felt the obligation to retract my earlier inflammatory statements about whole body vibration.

Whew…good thing I like to squat.

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