Freakyness Goes Mainstream:" The Man Whose Arms Exploded", on TLC.

It is highly likely that if you are not in or into bodybuilding, you have never heard of Gregg Valentino. Gregg Valentino holds the dubious distinction of being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest arms on record – and it is not likely that his record will ever be broken. You see, Gregg is juiced to the gills, and possesses 28-inch arms.

The body dysmorphia (bigorexia) this guy has is, as the Russian would say, “incredible.”

He’s been breaking into the mainstream of bodybuilding, but recently has been on late night talk shows, the Enquirer, and most recently, the Learning Channel, as part of a documentary, “The Man Whose Arms Exploded.” He currently writes a column for Muscular Development magazine, and is poised to release a new book.

It seems odd that such a freakish individual should achieve such notoriety in today’s society – but then again, maybe not. After all, we live in a culture of excess.

Interesting footnote: prior to steroids, Gregg seemed to possess great genetics for hypertrophy. You can see photos of his muscular development throughout the years here.

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