Fat is Not To Be Feared – a Dual Perspective.

“To a scientist, there is nothing so tragic on Earth as the sight of a fat man eating a potato.”-Vance Thompson, Eat and Grow Thin, 1914.

Let’s preface the vitriol with some valuable information on the link between saturated fats and heart disease.

Simply put, there isn’t any. Well, no, that’s a lie. The whole truth would be to say: There isn’t much.

One of the strongest arguments against a low-carb diet (especially the status quo concept of a low-carb diet a la Atkins: bacon, bacon, and pork rinds) is the high concentration of fats (especially saturated fats) and cholesterol. The stake in the heart of Atkins, it was said – the saturated fat and cholesterol contributed to his eventual death via heart attack. Or did it?

The Cholesterol Myths.

I’d been a fan of Dr. Ravnskov even before I’d conceded that a low-carb diet was probably (evolutionary-wise) the diet of choice. His well-reasoned, scientific arguments appealed to the skeptic in me that said there had to be something wrong with the standards for cholesterol continually getting lower and lower and…

When you have most of America taking statins to lower blood cholesterol, there must be something amiss.

At any rate, his book (and, by extension, his site) is a good read. My favorite part is his dissection of the seminal studies that indicate a correlation between blood cholesterol and heart disease. Finding out that they omitted the data points that would’ve shot the lipid theory to hell was quite a shock (most people I show this to undergo similar states of disbelief). When a chart goes from line-of-best-fit to a “shotgun pattern“, the correlation between two variables is essentially gone – any connection is tenuous, at best.

Anyway, give his site a once-over. It can be a little hairy reading at times, but hey, this is your health we’re talking about here.

So, in one corner we have a new perspective that fat may not be the health-wrecker it’s portrayed to be. Let’s take that idea completely out of context and to it’s illogical conclusion.

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