Workout of the Day: The Evil Russian’s Quad-Shot-Down Leg Workout

Above: The Evil Russian, Nikita Popov, performing an isometric squat down Tote Road.

Day 1 (all slow reps – 10/10)

General warmup (if desired)

the following all one set to concentric failure:
Seated Leg Press
Hip Adduction
Leg Extension
Leg Curl

Day 2 (all moderately slow reps ~ 5/5)

General warmup (if desired)

the following with 1-2 warmup sets (for neurological rehearsal ONLY)
Rack Squat
Stiff-Legged Deadlift

Wall Sit – Timed Static Contractions 1min X 3

Allow 48-72 hours between Day 1 and 2.

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