Today’s Challenge: Squat 6 Times Your Age For Reps.

Taking me up on today’s challenge, Asher Levitsky puts up a couple of sets of squats at 365.

Ok, half-squats. And they were part of his workout with Coach Ebers today anyway. But it is still quite an impressive feat. And make no bones about it, those are 3 45’s and a 25 on each side – a bonafide 365 lbs.

The series of pictures that follows documents two of the three sets performed during the workout: one sans trainer, one with a spot (I missed one). Both sets were stopped short of failure (for good reason) at four reps.

I don’t know what Asher’s current PR is for the full squat, but I’m sure he or Coach Ebers can fill us in by utilizing that handy little “comment” feature at the bottom of the posting 😉

Awesome job, Asher.

Above: Whoa – au naturel.

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