Recipe of the Day: Chinchilla’s Chicken Galore

Michael Chinchilla, Muay Thai Instructor at the New York Health and Racquet Club, is in the midst of a 12-week fat reduction program. His exercise and nutrition regimen can best be described as “spartan.” One mainstay of his daily diet that I found incredibly interesting was his grilled chicken.

As most individuals obsessed with fitness/exercise/weight loss know, grilled skinless chicken breasts are an integral part of most fat reduction diets. Every trainer/fitness enthusiast I know has their own flavoring variation on grilled chicken, and some are quite grotesque. Chinchilla’s, however, I found to be tasty, as well as attractively colored (although one on a sodium-restricted diet might want to give it second thoughts).

So here is the extremely complex recipe that I was only able to extract from him by means of applying a devastating Kimura lock from the guard:

you need:

– one pound of chicken (Chinchilla uses thighs)
-Old Bay seasoning
-a George Foreman grill

Take 3/4 to 1 full tablespoon of Old Bay and mix with chicken. Grill on George Foreman grill for approx. 10 minutes. Eat.

Note: Chinchilla leaves the skin on while cooking, but takes the skin off before eating. This eliminates most of the seasoning (and sodium).

That’s it. Don’t worry, he tapped before I did any permanent damage. And then he threw a spinning elbow and knocked me out.

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