James Richard Christie: The man behind "The Soc Roc System" does it again.

Above: This man wishes to sell you a personal fitness system. And to date your hot sister.

You heard it first here – James Richard Christie, personal trainer, exercise guru, and former pro-soccer player will soon be releasing his personal fitness system to the public. Rumor has it that it requires nothing more than a small apparatus and enough space to move around in (about the space of a power rack). It’s helped his clients lose weight and get fit (in one client’s case, helping her achieve a weight loss of over 80 pounds!!) in 1-2 weekly one hour spurts.

James isn’t letting the cat out of the bag just yet. He released a different system years ago, but wasn’t really satisfied with the project, so he wants to delay this one’s release until it’s absolutely perfect. But if you like, you can TRY to persuade him to spill the beans by emailing him at James_Christie11@hotmail.com. Who knows, you might even like him enough to introduce him to your hot sister.

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