James Richard Christie – Master Trainer.

As of yesterday, Mr. James Richard Christie is likely enjoying the fruits of America’s most ostentatious city – Las Vegas. At least in the evenings, when he is free. You see, he’s attending the National NSCA Conference, listening to lectures, networking, and probably making some under-the-table deals franchising his super-secret workout system.

By day, estudious trainer earning his CEUs and entrepreneur. By night…Hell Hound Unleashed.

Here are some shots of him practicing his well-honed craft on one of his hapless trainees. Check out the bonus Gym Face shot at the end (James likes to really push his trainees).

Above: James Richard Christie coaches Howard Koh through what promises to be a grueling workout.

Above: Howard Koh – superstar.

Above: Oh, the agony, sweet agony.
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