"Go ahead, you can laugh all you want/I got my philosophy"

From the ETF Wellness Homepage:

My Exercise Philosophy (in a Nutshell):

I was once a hater. Of all trainers and exercise protocols that I thought to be inferior methods of producing results, whether through inefficiency, or unsafe methods, or haphazard loading, etc. But I’ve since reformed.

I have my preferences, to be sure. I believe that while there isn’t a perfect exercise protocol, because we share the same basic bodies and cell systems there must exist several universal principles that are true for all humans. These are the foundations I build my programs off of, and they exist within all programs of merit (read: safe and result-producing). I have learned through countless debate and argumentation with my peers, professors, colleagues, and mentors, that intelligent programs share more in common than not, and we get lost in the details of our individual preferences.

There is too much in-fighting and mud-slinging in the exercise/fitness industry, too many experts duking it out, saying “this way is the best, that way is wrong, and that you’d have to be out of your mind to even consider this one!” This isn’t constructive, and at worst, it does a huge disservice to the most important facet:

YOU, our loyal customer.

I believe the personal trainer to be a guide, not a guru. I function in the role of an advisor – the possessor of specialized knowledge that assists their client in making an informed decision and helps them take action; a coach, not a babysitter.

What is required is not indoctrination, or brainwashing of any one particular style or protocol – all that is required is for the professional to point the Way. So, I believe in empowering the customer with information, to create “an informed consumer of personal training and exercise,” so that he or she may make up their own mind.

We are all as individual as can be, and to say that everyone should work out “this way” also doesn’t cut it. As Doug McGuff states, even the best exercise protocol is useless if the trainee doesn’t want to use it! So, I believe in utilizing variability and variety in workouts and protocols, so long as it does not detract from the benefits of the overall routine.

With some slight exceptions, all tools and protocols in exercise are at least somewhat useful for specific goals and situations (some, of course, are applicable to every human being).

Personally, I selectively utilize exercises and methods that I feel are:

Most useful,


Most effective

Most efficient.

Please don’t take any of this to mean I’m soft on non-professionalism: not knowing one’s craft, ignorance of proper form or improper execution of form, dangerous training habits, improper progression, etc. That I’ll continue to rail about. What I’m tolerating is “alternate Paths on the road to fitness.”

And, so help me, I’ll do my best to restrain this acerbic tongue of mine.

Thanks for reading my rambling. Now, go walk your Path.

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