• The Mental Game
  • Win easy.

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    Whatever your goals are, whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, improving performance, or getting healthy, don’t trip yourself up. Make the game easy. You don’t get bonus points for overcoming additional problems you create for yourself. Creating obstacles to your success can take many forms. Sometimes it looks like overthinking. Other times, it’s creating rules that are […]

  • The Mental Game
  • The difference a month (or three) can make.

    Taking it one step at a time.

    Yesterday, during a consult with a brand spanking new client, I was asked, “Do you think (three months) is enough time?” Following a sound nutrition plan, the average client can likely achieve 12 pounds of fat loss in three months. That’s enough to cause a major physical transformation. Down a dress size, one less notch […]

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  • The Cardio Myth?

    In a previous post regarding Lance Armstrong’s marathon performance, I explored the heretical idea that there exists no general “conditioning” attribute; that aerobic capacity was activity-specific. With apologies to Greg Glassman, I’ll now explore the idea that the conventional idea of “cardio” simply doesn’t fly. Forget about the layperson; speak to any doctor, personal trainer, […]

  • Fat Loss
  • Why "Competition" May Be the Best Thing For Fat Loss.

    What’s the secret behind the runaway success of Curves? Why, if the training program is so bad, is the franchise such a moneymaker? My colleague Mike Collins suggests that it is because Curves encourages consistency and fosters a nurturing, peer-oriented environment. It’s marketed towards women, who tend to thrive on group-based endeavors. A Curves circuit […]

  • PRE-hab and Injury Prevention
  • Weekend Warrior Syndrome.

    My friend and one-time training partner Gary Valencia used to talk derisively about the concept of the “Weekend Warrior” – the 5 day a week Nine to Fiver who, come the weekend, engages in strenuous physical activity all weekend (as if he were a top-notch athlete in prime competitive condition). Of course, being a Captain […]

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  • On Food Journaling.

    Just recently my friend Matt was kind enough to share his food journal with me (he’s been chronicling his intake off and on for years, as he has severe digestive problems). It struck me that in the time I’ve known him it was the third food journal I’ve known him to keep. Matt needs to […]

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  • How Long Until I See Results?

    Probably one of the top 10 questions I get asked by new clients is, “How long will it take before I start to see some results?” Well, the answer to that question is a tough one, because a great deal of it relies on the client. It depends on: How motivated you are to create […]